Customs Brokers Exam Pass Rate

Customs brokers exam pass rate

For instance the April 2003 exam had a national passing rate of 2%. Our pass rate is 94%, by far the highest in the industry. For all of you who have been patiently (or not so patiently) waiting on the results of the April 2008 Customs Broker Exam, CBP expects to have the answers. There are currently approximately 11,000 licensed customs brokers in the.

It is critical for any Customs Broker Exam Course to be able to. I sat and passed the Broker?s exam last October although I understand the New York area pass-rate was very low.

Customs broker license exam pass rate

Five different US Customs Broker License Training courses, Florida Bar. Ask the Wizard: Denial of License; Customs Broker License Exam - Individual.

THE NATIONAL PASSING AVERAGE for the April 2011 exam was 19%. How to Prepare for the Customs Broker License Exam. The official pass rate of 11.4% for the April 09 broker exam comes from the.

Customs broker exam pass rate april 2011

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Source material for the Customs Broker License Exam. The official pass rate of 11.4% for the April 09 broker exam comes from.
How to Pass the Customs House Broker Exam

The examination lasts 4 hours

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